Bad Days

It's typically either a very bad or very good sign if I'm posting charts all the time. These are Bad Days. And there's nothing you can do or could have done. The guy that's still making money in this market? Sometimes that's me. Not this time. I lost a good 18 percent of my value. Which is the most you could have lost if you diversified. Certain single coin holders are hurting more, and they totally deserve it. But even there, 25 percent? It's not the end of the world. If anything, it's annoying and inconvenient and a lost day of profits. It happens with any venture. 

We all have different ways of dealing with a bear market. Me, I focus on clear money makers. I know my Nem Harvesters are making money, so I retreated into Nem. I know Eth typically is the first to recover hard (since it is regulated and trusted) so I'm Eth/Nem heavy right now. That's how I plan to ride the bounce.

It will bounce.

Here's the thing. When it bounces, it almost won't matter what you are holding. I'm also going to take advantage of the BCN/XMR rivalry and have some in both. 

Did I Touch My Longs?   NO.

That makes poor people. You imagine your longs exist outside space and time. Or you better. 

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