Battle Of The CPU Coins

Bytecoin has a rival now. A good one. Which is good and bad news. The bad news is Monero won. Which is perfectly fine for Monero. For now. The bad news is Bytecoin is going to tumble a bit before it finds a new floor. But that also means the folks mining it for HitBTC are going to have a little easier time as the mining difficulty drops. So again, mixed blessing. It was awesome watching Bytecoin rise to take a spot in the top ten though. It was surprising to me that it passed Monero, which is supposed to be "the" CPU coin. Shocked a lot of people. You are seeing that shock now as people realize Monero was kinda undervalued. It's a great coin. So is Bytecoin. I have a feeling they'll trade positions with each other for a while if Monero doesn't up and pass Dash on the top ten in the next few days and stay there.

For the time being, if I was about to buy whichever one is higher because it's looking good, I'd also buy some of the other to hedge. That's the benefit of a coin having a rival. It's like buying insurance on the blackjack table to pick some of the rival up when you make a buy. Just in case. And for the time being even though it looks like Monero is "winning"...

MinerGate loves Bytecoin
HitBTC loves Bytecoin
Miners love Bytecoin

So counting it out would be silly.

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