I Love Digibyte

I prefer the classic logo

When the miners started literally destroying the value of coins by joining mining pools (sorry) to milk individual coins as one barbarian horde as they reached profitability peaks, essentially and slowly beating down the entire industry..

DigiByte's (still) best in industry developers stepped in and created DigiShield. There was something called Kimoto Gravity Well, but smart miners (cough) figured out how to game that. Nobody could game DigiShield. Smarter coins that still exist (cough EMC2 cough) while thousands of others died, typically have DigiShield. Just saying.

The reality is DigiByte is seriously undervalued. It has been... forever. It's transactions are secure, and like lightning. 

They put real effort into making the prettiest mobile wallet there is. It's gorgeous. Go see. 

Honestly, it is a SIN that DigiByte isn't closer to Monero in value. That would be fair. 

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