Is It Real?

This might be the most important post on trading I'll ever do. The secret to trading isn't making good bets. It's avoiding big traps. That's it. Because if you do like I do, and maintain positions in anywhere between 8-20 coins at a time to basically "play the industry", you typically come out ahead. Most of what you see will be a winner... if... you avoid traps. Take a look at that pattern there. That looks like it might be a cup. And look at those bollenger bands. They look like it's trending flat. But look what happens when you turn on everything else I like:

No. Not happening. In the least, this is wait a little longer. But let's just look at the actually buys and sells.

See that. That's not terrible, but that's not looking good for the immediate short term.

Look at the data. Know what it means. It's 15 minutes with Google.

If you can almost always spot a trap, you just made money. That's how simple you can make it. Null logic. Don't try to win, just remove your chances of losing.

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