Long Research: First Blood

I'm satisfied. I'll play with it for a few weeks. If it can make itself a grand, it's a long. And in keeping with just telling you what I'm thinking, and what I'm doing, despite how well Eth is doing, it would have stronger long term growth prospects and replace it on the Longs List.

That link is literally to their gaming network. That is their focus.

So, initially I was skeptical. The worry is they could run into legal issues down the road. If they are allowing you to bet a coin that is treated like a real currency, they can get in trouble. 

But damn, everything else looks so great.




Very high interest

Becoming very popular. Who doesn't want to make money by playing games better than other people?

But that question... I'm still researching. It can't be a long yet. But I'm already playing with it. It should be an outstanding daily.

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