Oh, Sia

Imagine being your own Google Drive.

You can do that with Sia Coin. Right from the wallet.

Even better, you get paid. A lot. So let's say....

You are like me. And you have a huge raid array doing absolutely nothing.

It can make you Sia

So there's that.

You can also BUY completely anonymous storage cheaper than you'll find it ANYWHERE. Your data is backed up on the blockchain. If you need a place to chuck a whole bunch of data offline cheap, there's nothing else cheaper I know of. It's cheaper than Glacier. It's cheaper than Nearline. A buck a terabyte per month at the moment. 

So there's that.

It is ridiculously easy to mine with an ATI or Nvidia graphics card. You can make 1000 of them a day easy with two good cards. And it just keeps going up in value.

So there's that.

But outside ALL of that, there's this:

This is two weeks. Look at all those little dips and rises while it continues to do well. That means you can play with it. You don't have to just hold it. Because those are great swings. You can take a pile and just keep making it higher as the coin continues to gain value if you just patiently buy on the dips and put it back up 20 percent higher. 

And that's what I love about this coin the most!

That, and it shares some things with Nem.




Perhaps not quite on the same scale, but... it's clearly generating interest.

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