Questions In Email

Some clever folks have figured out the main email address for this domain. They are pissy that I haven't enabled comments. Here are some of the best questions:

"Why do you have profanity in the title of your getting started page?"

Because a friend asked the question, and I thought he'd get a kick out of seeing a bizarro world version of himself asking the question in the post, and because I'm not sure someone that can't take a little profanity is really cut out for trading.

"What if you are wrong and a coin goes down?"

Do nothing. Wait. Wait months. It will typically eventually pay out. And it won't matter. Because your other picks should have done fine. That's why you don't put all your eggs in one basket. I had failures today. But my wins were much bigger. Don't play a coin. Play the market.

"If I see the price is a lot lower on one exchange for a coin, what's from stopping me just buying those out and sending them someplace else to make money where they cost more?"

Absolutely nothing simba. That's the circle of how exchanges normalize. Pricks like me. : ) If I see the price is a lot lower somewhere, I'll fix that shit for em : ) I'll buy out a bitcoin's worth of Nem at times to make the prices match between exchanges. That's called Arbitrage, or, Make 10 bucks on 1000 lol. You make money, and it's a pain, but it's a win in the win column. I don't typically start doing it unless I'm having a really bad day. 

"Do you ever make any buys based on rumors?"

Kinda, and great question. If I think enough people believe the rumor to effect the value (that can happen) I share the rumor with the caveat that I think it is a rumor. If I know it's rumor, and not real, I still share it, explain that it's fake, but give prospects on if I think people will still fall for it. If I know it's real I usually come marching out talking about it and suggesting you act fast.

"Why do you not talk about certain coins like ______?"

Lots of these now. I plan on doing a long post at some point, but I have bias. More importantly, I have a bias against bank coins. So I tend not to talk about them simply because there are folks making good money on them. And my bias shouldn't affect their good time.

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