Quick Dailies, Passing On The Corners

Right now the market is rising some. All that money everybody pulled out is about to come back. Sometimes with more. Why? Some people know the market is rising and are going to double down to cover their losses and guarantee a profit. I'm not one of those people. But like most people I'll be all in tomorrow with everything I had before. So it's a net gain. What this and a few other factors cause is recovery inequality. Some coins will get more than their fair share, and some will get screwed.

Now, typically it's the coins that don't get love any other time. The stable slow risers. This is when they pass the quick young coins. It's like they pass them on the corners.

 I'm going to be in bed because I shouldn't even be awake now, and I'm very stupid. I'm going to be exceedingly lazy today and do:


: )

I know if I keep an equal amount of each of those, I'm winning. That's lazy shitty bullshit, but it's true. You "lucky" people? (I swear to God I'm not) I hope you have amazing rides today. It will be about quickly determining which coins are getting more than their fair share of love. Look to the classics for that. Love isn't just there for every coin. It's earned over time. Trust counts.

Night (yeah, I know it's 8am)

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