So How Did I Do?

On the 19th, I shared my picks.

I also added Digibyte and FirstBlood positions on the 20th when Nem sold earlier than I thought it would. Those also sold. I got back into Digibyte three times. Sold every time. FirstBlood I'm testing for viability. So far I'm very impressed.

Literally everything sold eventually. The stragglers were Ardor and Lumens (STR on Polo) because I had high sells on both. I'm up 13 percent on Polo, 23 percent on Bittrex, and about 30 percent on HitBTC because of a typo I made when I put up my FirstBlood sell. I had an AMAZING weekend. Right now I'm sitting on piles of Bitcoin and waiting a bit. There's no rush. You don't have to get right back in (cough, bitcoin is still rising, cough). Later this afternoon when I have time, I'll do some dailies. The point is, I wasn't trying win the lottery here. I just did research, picked 8 coins across 3 exchanges and waited patiently for their own swings to pay me.

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