So, Who Wants To Make A Coin?



We could do something totally fucking stupid like one big coin. lol. Somebody did that of course. Or something almost equally as stupid, a gazillion little coins for no logical reason *cough* No...

I'm thinking, something with fast transactions, with a fixed size, that encourages it to achieve a money to item parity with something like Yen. So I'd totally duplicate the Nem amount and "Harvesting" logic. It's brilliant. I can do that easily with an Ardor childchain. You'd get rewarded for holding them. I'd make the barrier a little lower to intentionally keep the value down a little longer, but not much lower. I'm talking WoW Character Class Adjustment here. 8,000 hold to mine. The problem is the name.


Can't do that. Because if I'm already copying Nem's fixed amount and "harvesting" model, I can't be naming it freaking Nom. Which sucks. Because I can already imagine the lame "rocket to the moon" bullshit in trollboxes. That I'd totally pretend I hated. 

So I'll come up with something else. But I'm serious. But I want to make it all legit. Open blockchain explorer, all fair. We'll do a public auction of coins for some other coin. Just to be weird. We'll also set up the public tipping page. And make it a huge pain in the ass to get a couple for free once a week. I think the other coin will be some bright up and comer with an altruistic cause like EMC2. We'll just auction off batches of them for that coin. I'll even see if I can get an Exchange to actually list the key pair. I'm sure they'd love that. 

Ardor makes it so easy now...  I'll explain why.

I will add every damn thing. Remember my tree stump speech on Nem pretending to be a blog post (Why Nem?). Ardor makes it very easy to add value. I'm adding ALL OF IT. Tradercoin or Trader for short, will be OUR secure messaging platform. And MARKET. YEAH. I'll set up a whole other currency exchange INSIDE our coin. How meta is that? I'll do full coin shuffle so it's totally secure. I'll add data storage. I'll add account control. And of course,  you bet your ass it will be a monetary system. Those coin tip jars will sell the 1 coin token access to our kingdom. And everything in the kingdom will be based on who holds the most. But 90 percent of it will be the same for everybody that holds at least 1.


Now I'll just wait for there to be about 1 million more of you. : )

That's the kind of interest I'd need up front to pull it off.

There will of course be some sort of giveaway for site visitors. I think I can pull that off. 

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