Sometimes It's Really This Easy


I recently decided to set up this blog. Why? Because there's nobody doing this. I'm making good money. I'm simply doing a lot of research, and diversifying where I spend and what I spend it on. With the entire industry in nonstop growth, if you spread your buys across multiple coins that look good, you almost always make money.

So, I'm just going to do exactly what people want. I'm going to tell you what I'm buying. And why. And I'm clearly not going to be shy about it.

Ardor is a no fucking brainer. It has quietly climbed to the number 20-ish spot on coin market cap (it's a good idea to bookmark links I share. These are things I actually use) All while simply building a business people are using. They've made leveraging a blockchain however you want so damn simple, anybody could do it. They are setting themselves up to be the Google of blockchain. Already have clients.

That's why it should be absolutely NO surprise it is doing so well. This coin has a condition I call "nothing to keep it down". Coins don't just fall down. Something pushes them down. A coin like this has nothing to do but rise. And it's still cheap as sin. Cheap enough that 100 could be worth 100 grand someday instead of a buck 30.

* Is still cheap
* Does something
* Already has clients
* Has a track record of steady increase

See? Sometimes it really is this easy. I've got about 1000 of these right now. Depending on what they do over the next week or so? I might get more. I might do it very soon if these indicators keep pointing north.

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