The Logic To How I Trade

I used to be like a normal trader. I'd sit and watch an exchange all day. And I couldn't help but think that a lot of the time I was screwing myself by second guessing myself. So I had to prove it. I came up with a test. I spent 3 weeks trading both ways. Halfway through the second week I was so far behind I caught myself trying to massage my own numbers. I started over. One week this time. Started over. I ended up starting over about six times before figuring out my worry was real. I was second guessing myself. And because of that, I was essentially paying other people and wasting my time.

Ok, so sitting there and watching the exchange is bad. I need to be able to just get up and walk away. I need to never have to pull a sell order. They should always sell or rot. But, I want that constant positive reinforcement that comes from a day of great trading. Simple: If I diversify wildly, and always put coins back up for sale immediately, something should win every day. So there. I get my positive reinforcement. But, I didn't want to miss out on those days when some coin is really on a tear. Hence, unattended longs. So with a long you get that joy of doubling or tripling your initial investment immediately. So you don't get "FOMO" or fear of missing out.

FOMO creates more poor people than any other factor.

So the way I do things, you can just get up and walk away. And let it happen. And be pleasantly surprised when it does. And because you are diversifying, you rarely lose all at once. And even if you do have a bad day (I've had them) you just patiently wait another day and typically things start selling. Because the market doesn't stay static. It's probability. It's highly improbable you would go days without a single sell.

So it's kinda like doing the bare minimum to consistently gain a profit. No stress. You don't even flinch when one coin drops. No panic. Because you aren't playing a coin, you are playing a market.

So it forces good habits. And your good habits allow you to take coins from people with bad habits. Consistently.

Note: The picture/theme I picked because it's how I see the market in my head. It's a more elastic, fluid thing that we try to pretend is rigid and blocky.

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