Upcoming Stories

Something neat happened when I started this blog simply because I wanted to help a friend get into this. It was about 3 stories in. I realized I have a virtually endless supply of things I could write about, I love this hobby so much. Just, not all of them umm, pointful? Full of points? whatever. But a lot of them would be. So I'd concentrate on those. In the coming months I'll do stories on the following:

Mining (this might become it's own sub-blog but..)
Mining For Exchanging (won't be. It's different.)
How Crypto Reshaped Itself And Nobody Noticed
What I Don't Talk About And Why
Being Real And Patient Makes Money
What Are You Doing With Your Longs? (longs explained better)
What Makes A Coin Change Value (for real, with examples)
What Scares Me, What I Avoid, and Why
Knowing Your Own Bias Before It Hurts You Bad
What To Do With Bags. They Will Happen.

and more. I get new ideas all the time as I'm writing. I think I just want to get all of the useful stuff out of my head and in one place for once so I never have to do anything but point here in the future. Also, when I see the sub count hit a certain point, I'll probably stop resharing posts on G+ entirely unless something big happens. We are 50 strong right now. lol. If you were curious. Still, you'd be amazed what 50 people can do. 

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