What Am I Holding Now?

Note: This changes a lot. So I might have to make these shorter lol.

Here on Polo, I'm playing it safe. Hedging with a little bitcoin, but doing Ardor and Nem. Exactly like I said I would. 

On Bittrex I'm doing something different. I'm hedging with a little Nem, while putting some into two rising stars with great charts and great indicators. I don't know a great deal about either of these coins (Lumen, Humaniq) but I know they've got great looking charts, and both looked ready to rise when I checked. By all means, check. If there's ever a rise already in progress, DO NOT BUY. It could pick that moment to fall. Only buy into dips and stable floors with good indicators. The one time you might win buying into an in progress rise late won't make up for the other 9 times you suffer dearly for it. 

On HitBTC, I'm being chill. I know Monero probably won't pay for a few days, but it will. I'm still hedging with a little Nem. Not much, and I'm taking a chance on Bytecoin. Not a huge stake. Maybe 10 bucks worth.

Why Are You Buying Right Now Scott?

I'm taking a chance on something I see happening. I see Bitcoin tumbling a little, and it driving the whole alt market up, and all my picks paying in the next few days. Could I be wrong? You bet your ass. I have been. But because I'm spread out across different markets and coins, I'll never suffer too bad for too long. If I do nothing and just wait a few days, the market will correct for me.

When do you sell Scott?

I don't. And that's a key part to all of this. A watched pot never boils. A sell order sells my coins. I might check the prices a few times during the day, but IT DOES NOT MATTER. I rarely take such a stake in a single daily coin that if I lost every cent on that coin it would hurt too bad. I spread it out. Also, I almost NEVER cancel a sell order by hand. I have some over 17 days old. And guess what. They are about to pay. Also, I immediately put coins back up for sale. Do this. Do not let them sit. Put them back up immediately for 10-20 percent over what you paid. Always. Then they sell when you aren't even there. And this becomes a pleasurable non-stressful thing that makes money consistently.

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