When A Long Isn't Good Enough

Ubiq fails. And I can already hear the fingers on the keyboards telling me I'm wrong. And I very well might be. But you have fun. And if you win, that's awesome. Maybe I'll change my mind later.

Why Does It Fail?

It has decent interest. It's touching 1 million volume. We have top 20 coins that struggle to do that. The market cap isn't high, but it's good compared to the volume. It does something cool. Smart Contracts are useful and gaining popularity.

So why?

It's just an Ethereum clone. It brings absolutely nothing new to the table. It's not being used to fund an entire gaming network like First Blood. It's not being used to create an entire new way to share and buy online storage like Sia. It's not doing anything that isn't already being done by a reigning market champion. It's not even doing it better, like that would matter. It would have to do it so much better people would suddenly switch. 

So it's not just enough that a coin does something useful. It better do it better than anything else in history if it's traveling the beaten path. Better to focus on coins that bring new useful things to the world. Ones you see people actually using. 

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