Why Isn't Ripple Recovering?

Everything else recovered right? And a whole lot of folks invested in Ripple (XRP) are very very worried, and they should be. So what is it?

Simple. Trust issues. Ripple is controlled by the banking industry. That's no secret. It's also no secret that the banking industry is no friend of Bitcoin. That, and Ripple is clearly being manipulated. You'll see it do things that defy its own chart. You'll see a trend line do a 90 degree turn. Like it's some UFO being chased by the air force. So yeah, CLEARLY being manipulated. And that's not surprising considering the overwhelming majority of the currency is controlled by a few people. 

So yeah. Being in bed with the banking industry can cost you your reputation. I know that's shocking, but you'd be surprised the folks that don't get that.

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