Why Nem?


What makes one coin do really well, and another coin fail? Simple....


What generates interest in one coin over another?


Why does that lead to interest?


And that gives it value. That creates interest. Let's do that with Nem.

Companies are interested in Nem. Bigtime. Because Nem partnered with Lux Tag.


Lux Tag puts a tiny token inside manufactured devices. Then all the information about the device is written to the blockchain. So long story short, you can download an app on your phone, and wave it over a Rolex, and it will tell you if it's a fake. And that level of asset management is coming to.... everything. So it's going to be HUGE. And that's what I saw about a month ago. 


And it's already being used. Devices from all kinds of manufacturers are being added to the Nem blockchain. You can see it in the blockchain explorer. And there is your value. That's why it keeps shooting up. It's being used by the industry. It's a slick solution. And it's likely the future of asset management. 

It's not too late to jump on. If anything, it's great for 15-20 percent profit rides. I've taken many. But I'm also very long.... And I don't go long for just any coin. 

1) You can "Harvest" it.

You get 10,000 of them, and you can enable transfer fee sharing with your local node. You get a piece of every transaction that goes through. Forever. On a coin that just keeps going up in value. But why does it keep going up?

Simple. People keep buying 10,000 of them to set up Harvesters.

: )

Note: Folks have been buying blocks of 11135 of them for Harvesters. That's the magic number to get it to vest in your lifetime. It's not a flat 10 percent a day vested. It's 10 percent of the unvested.. vested. So if you just get 10k, it will go 1000, then 900, then 800, you get the picture.

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