Advanced Trading Part 1: Bag Handling

I'm going to start including these and NOT linking them on social media. This is to reward the regular reader. Thanks Ted.
(note: This was written days ago)

I swear to GOD the best thing to do with a bag is ignore it. Unless... you are an extremely seasoned trader and "know what you are doing".

I'm going to list the criteria now:

1) You are very high off a huge win

2) The current price of the bag is HIGHER
by ONE PERCENT than your buy-in.

That's it. because you NEVER INTENTIONALLY LOSE MONEY. Do not. I do not care. And even here, you haven't earned the right to get out. You are putting it back up for 5 percent over current. ALWAYS make money. Even a little.

That's Bag Handling. My rule is typically if I can get out with 3 percent and it has been weeks, I do it. Then I avoid that coin for a month. I give the entire crypto world time to change for me. A month does that nicely.

Unless it's a long. If it is, just move the coins to your long position. Any daily you do on a long you already hold can at any point just become part of the long. Just understand you are taking that money off the playing field. Make sure you want to do it.

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