Advanced Trading Part 2: IFlongs

An iflong or "if long" to me is a long that COULD go all the way if one thing becomes true. These are the ones I'm not sharing. There are a LOT of these.

Here are mine (no shit, have em)

STEEM (almost just a long)
1ST (almost just a long)

The criteria is typically the same for most of them. They are mostly what I call "FRU's" or first runner ups. If the crowned CPU, GPU, Bank, PoS, Etc coin fails to maintain the dignity of the Miss GPU Coin organization, this coin will take its place. 

So.. It's a good idea to have 50 bucks of each of these stashed somewhere just in case. You aren't sure something is going to happen, but you want to at least be able to say "My 50 bucks is 150 now!" to your friends that missed out. So it's not a true long. But none of them are really bad performers either. So you aren't taking a huge risk just holding 50 bucks worth. Or 20. Or whatever. If it's 5 bucks, that's money you didn't have when it soars. 

So, the hope is this...

This happens:

Weeks prior I dropped 50 bucks in Nem at about 800 satoshi. I actually forgot to put up a sell. When I sold it was at 1700. That was on the 27th I believe. Months later, I think it was around Elvis's death so Jan 8th, I took that iflong profit and bought back in hard. Let's zoom out.

So, really an iflong tries to take advantage of that first pop with a coin. To make the "startup funds" to reinvest. It can be a long game. So it's not just a clever name.

"I want to see if the coin can make itself enough money to be a long"

That typically happens during that first pop. It *did* happen with First Blood (1st). I'm just limiting myself to 4 longs on the page. It was looking like 1st was a better long than Eth (not that Eth would stop being one) and I was going to potentially put it on the Longs List on the left, but Eth woke up like some ancient mountain. I'll probably just get over myself and make the list 5 longs.

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