Dailies: How I Handle A Slow Day

You'll notice my Doge sold and I just have the Gnt and Eth positions left from Bittrex and HitBTC. I'm not particularly worried about either. The market isn't very lively today so I'm making a bunch of short bets. Small amounts, (0.001 and 0.002 bitcoin) short gains (5-7 percent). It's just a good way to make a little money without trying very hard on a slow day. I decided to force myself to try out some new coins since these are short positions and small amounts. You can see I'm leaving 0.03 bitcoin sitting on Polo. In general, if it's a small amount, and the chart looks good, and I'm making sure my sells match the swings on the chart I'm seeing, I'm not too worried about what coin it is.  These are simply the ones that had good charts today, and appear to be trending in the right direction. Check them out. This is all Polo. I'll be adding Bittrex and HitBTC positions as these Polo positions sell. My Polo performance has been great lately. 

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