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Rang out across the trollboxes across the land. Only problem: 

It wasn't

but I've talked with 4 people who said right before the GDAX "crash" suddenly the trollbox was full of brand new people claiming ETH is crashing oh my fucking god.

THEN the fake GDAX "crash" happened.

So there are really only two questions:

1) Was it Litecoin guys mad that Eth stopped LTC's rise?

2) Was it Bitcoin shills that realize BTC's days are numbered?

Immediately CoinDesk jumped on the lie faster than CNN on a Russian conspiracy theory. That's when I knew it was definitely fake. They tried way too hard to pretend what any sane person would immediately assume was an anomaly, was a real thing. Exposing their hand. They doth protested too much. It's like they hired a 12 year old to write copy for the day.


Now, the bright side is they are only delaying the inevitable. So if they really want to sell Eth cheap, I suggest you take them up on it. That's why you'll notice the heavy buy support for Eth today. Lots of us set up "Moron Traps". Which is just a very big buy order down low. So in the very least if they do try this again, some of us are going to make a lot of money when they do. We are going to make it hurt bad.

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