So, These are the ones left from the huge pile. I wasn't expecting yesterday to go like it did, so it's a bit of a miracle 5 of the 11 sold. Granted, they were mostly 15 percent sells, so I'm ahead already, but I could hold those guys a while. Few days. Because....

This looks like Bitcoin regrouping and making a new ATH today. To me.
And my guidance on what that means for alts has been watching what Eth does. So I'll watch if Bitcoin rises today. If it does, I'll watch Eth. If Eth takes off with Bitcoin, I'll keep my eye on GNT and Burst and expect them to sell today. Otherwise I'm kinda expecting to have these same bags tomorrow morning. I'm not worried. They'll all sell eventually. But I still have coins to play. If I was all in, I'd be worried. 

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