Mining For Exchanges Part 2: Lazy Bigger Miner

What Other Miners Expect You To Do:

Make a computer yourself out of milk crates and a motherboard and a cheap CPU and 4 gigs of ram.

Make it loud as shit so you have to hide it somewhere.

Make no effort to shield the components.

Expose them to your kids, your pets, freak accidents, etc.

Because kids don't like cool looking stuff that lights up.

Pay 300 dollars for a 1200w power supply.

Buy six expensive graphics cards.

And yes, this makes sense if you plan to make the bulk of your money on mining. 

You'll pay about 2000 dollars. For a loud ugly milk crate that's good for SOME gpu mining.

However, it will make you about 1000 dollars a month. While pulling 1000 watts at the wall.

What I do

Pick up an HP Z420 for about 300-350 bucks. The way I like them configured.
Xeon E5-1620 (or higher) or E5-2650 (or higher)
4gb of ram or higher
100gb of disk or higher
Windows 10 preinstalled

You can find this all day.

Just plugging it in connecting to Minergate is 2 bucks a day with the CPU.

You don't have to build this. It's done.

With two overclocked GTX 1060's total cost is about: 800.

It will make about 9-11 bucks a day total in:

Eth  (bout 6)
Sia (bout 50 cents)
Monero (bout 2-2.50)
ZCash (bout 2)

It will pull maybe 450w at the wall.

Good looking
Literally built for a data center

Plus, 4 popular coins.

Buying the Z420 is like getting a free extra video card and free platinum power supply. In a free filtered case.

Why windows 10? Because mining software and video card drivers both work better with Windows 10. You can buy a Windows 10 Pro OEM key for 16 bucks. But if they will install it for you for 30-50 bucks? That's even more time you save. Look, I love Linux. But it's not always the right choice. Especially if you plan to overclock.

So, to recap,

1) Buy an HP Z420
2) Put two video cards in it.
3) Turn it on

My build process is much easier.

If you buy two more, you'll still use less power than the milk crate, make the same money, pay a little more, but have a solution that can sit in the living room.

But it's not about maximizing mining profit.

It's about the fact that at any given point in time, One of the four coins you'll be mining will be rising more than half the time. 

So you make huge piles of them for months, then sell the piles when those coins rise. I call this "long mining". Or....

You mine directly to the exchange. This makes you money because you can make additional sell orders every day. More sell orders = more money.

I'm not going to cover getting the software to work. Many have. I'll say what I use and like:

EWBF's Cuda Zcash miner (version 0.3.3b)
Claymore's Dual Miner (Eth/Sia)

And I'll tell you how I set them up.

MinerGate I keep on Monero now, but I always toss a CPU core on BCN. I merge mine XDN with Monero.

One video card is always Eth/Sia
(Claymore's Dual Miner)

One is always ZCash
(EWBF's Cuda)

I mine on Nanopool for Eth and Sia (love them)
I use flypool for ZCash

And let me tell you. For a trader? Having a constant pile of 4 coins to work with is better than having a lot of one anything. If the Z420 solution was 20 percent less efficient or profitable it would still make a trader more money. 

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