Our Pattern: Every Other Day Trading

So, we have weird power struggles going on in Crypto. 

And it's depressing.

Because you wake up every day, hoping to see this. When it's mostly green in the morning. East Coast mind you. If I lived in Malaysia I'd have a completely different take because the market acts different depending on where the sun rises. 

Regardless, charts like these mean our friends overseas set us up for a great day of trading. You should be able to patiently take your time, starting with the high volume coins, and work your way down and pick winners by looking at charts.

I took the training wheels off about a week ago and stopped posting daily picks. I kept getting feedback that people were outright ignoring my advice to actually LOOK at the charts and not just straight copy my picks. People were coming in mid-day and picking coins based on something I said in the morning, and losing money. And I felt partially responsible because I knew people would do that, but the market was doing so well it didn't matter.

It matters now.
Why? Because we now have folks in our industry, a shitty element, that have no bones about hurting the entire market for their gain. We've seen fake rumors backed by well known and seemingly highly unethical Bitcoin news outlets targeting Ethereum. They literally worked together to pretend the Eth creator died. lol. That's some serious desperation. And of course we have fucking morons that know absolutely NOTHING about Crypto calling the entire market a "Bubble". Idiots like frickin' Mark Cuban that think every coin is Bitcoin, and don't even understand the technology.
I mean, imagine being so fucking clueless, that you take credit for a dip in the overall market that was caused by a DDoS Attack on Ethereum. That's delusional.
But, this is our reality now. A LOT of people (me included) hold a lot of Bitcoin. And they don't want to adapt to change. So they are fighting the inevitable Eth rise like children, rather than just preparing for it like us smart folks are that accept reality. It's going to happen. The only thing these DDoS attacks, and fake news, and clueless mouthpieces achieve is destroying about 40 percent of our good trading days. Now you have to check the whole market in the morning, like checking your dog for ticks after a jog in the woods.

Now, the best way to deal with a market under attack is to avoid it for a few days. If anything, it makes for a lot of guaranteed paydays.

1) Get in Bitcoin
2) Wait for the sea of green.
3) Place your bids.
4) Let them pay
5) Wait for the red day
6) repeat

That's what I've been doing.

I also recommend taking steps to get into metals and fiat trading. We've seen the Eth DDoSing do nothing but prove Eth can handle about 100 times the traffic it typically takes. We've seen the market spring up hard after every attack like clockwork. They simply can't kill it. If they could, it would already be dead. And if we patiently wait, and make money on the sunny days, they'll eventually give up and accept reality. 

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