Quick Mid-day Dailies Update

I believe that GNT on Bittrex just sold, but either way..

I didn't do too bad. I overestimated the performance of Doge and BCN. But they'll likely pay today. I'm just letting little piles of bitcoin accumulate. I'm not buying back in yet. I haven't had the time to really look at the market today yet. 

So five sold. I'm ahead. The rest are within 10 percent of my target sell price, except Eth. but I'm not worried about it.

STEEM... is frustrating. It got close so many times. Eth I'm not worried about because I hold it long. That's one of the benefits to holding a long. You really don't have to care. It doesn't matter if the coins are sitting on a sell order, or you send them to your long wallet. And I've done that. When Nem has stalled for a few days because the entire market is changing, I just push it to one of my delegated harvesters. It might as well be making me harvesting profit.

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