So How Did I Do?

When I'm not busy drinking myself to sleep after a HARD week of On Call support, I make predictions about coins. I did that here:

So, let's do what NOBODY ever does. An after-action report. I'd call it an after-action review, but I'm not going to suggest any changes to my method. So, just a report. Let's get right into it.


Yup, called this. Market Cap is now about 105B. There is no bubble. There never was. There are a lot of people that see bubbles when they don't understand a market.


I didn't consider the third option: Nothing changes position. Which honestly was stupid on my part. However, my reasoning was right because Nem rose more than those around it. So if you had bought some, you made money. And if you hedged with Dash (which I was hinting at) it ALSO paid. So realistically folks bought Nem bets with Dash as insurance and they both paid (mine did).


Was wrong about the passing part. Was right in suggesting you buy some Eth. Because it did go from 250 to 320 USD. And folks made a LOT of money off this tip. This was the big winner. And it could still happen. *cough*


Here I was half right. The coins that do nothing simply kept doing nothing. You see it right on the chart. So if you avoided them you avoided nothing. Or, avoided um, doing nothing? I don't know. I know a lot of folks got rid of their do nothing coins and got them some hero coins yesterday and made some money. I know because I keep getting tips today unsolicited. Lots of Eth for some reason...

And don't forget this part:


Originally the idea was I'd take a quick look and make a bunch of bold predictions based on very little, to kinda prove the point that you can't really ever know what's going to happen no matter how deeply you convince yourself of your own bullshit. Yeah, this was supposed to be this huge setup. Like when I randomly picked coins that time and still made money. 

This was literally going to end up being a tree-stump speech on following the data, and Carpe Diem and now I might just have to deal with the fact I have super powers. 

(hangs head in shame. Starts crying).

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