So, notice this Digibyte wallet with about 2.5 grand USD worth of Digibyte. And for the close friends that have already heard this story, YES I know I kept saying 8 grand. It's because there are too many god damn 8's in that number of digibyte. I suck. It's still a great story and lesson. I'm old and stupid. Sue me.

Either way, I got hacked. BAD. And when you do this for grocery money, that means:

1) New motherboards (they might have your bios)
2) New drives (they can hide shit in your boot sector)

So you can't assume anything. So I just did all that. 19 straight hours of me not in the mood for any bullshit, and being in a hell, and replacing about 400 bucks worth of hardware.

(The more you have, the more you have to maintain)

See, that 2.5 grand worth of Digibyte? That was about 2000 of them, if that. And the hackers that used the Zero Day Cherry Blossom Exploit on my main router...

(Thanks fucking assholes in the CIA for not protecting shit you shouldn't even be using on American citizens you incredible pieces of fucking shit)

Those hackers were nice enough to leave behind their login credentials because in the depths of their ignorance, they used MY BROWSER to set up their free online wallet. Which I then emptied. Into a new wallet. Of mine.

So please, by all means, hack me again China. If the CIA doesn't release exploits fast enough, just let me know. 


 please keep using freewallet for wallets. Really. Good job. I'm definitely happy overall with my China hacking experience. You should hack everyone in a way that allows them to rob you blind later.

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