So What Now? Quick Mid Forecast, Or, What Bubble?

Bubble. heheheh. That's the problem when you try to use standard market logic and apply it to the Crypto markets. A standard market expert isn't going to understand the Crypto market. You need someone that's been doing this stuff for about 9 years *cough*.

So yeah, if you needed more proof this is all real, imagine the SHOCK when I was right and the entire market rebounded when the idiots DDoSing Eth figured out they were screwing the entire market, and themselves.


Eth is in full recovery. I hope you got on.

The entire market has rebounded back to 100 Bill (and climbing). I'd be very surprised if we don't see a new ATH (all time high) in a few days. I mean, that's only 115B it has to hit and that should be easy. That could happen today.

The coins that should be doing well are because they do things that matter.

The coins that do nothing are doing... nothing. Which isn't surprising... at all.

So what do I think is going to happen? I'll make some guesses but I'm probably going to be wrong. It's daring (and a little stupid) to try to predict things this soon after a recovery starts, but I'll try.

Pressure from Dash is going to keep Nem rising. That's already happening. I see Nem getting pushed past ETC as ETC craters. Then I see it getting a good head start on passing Litecoin UNLESS Dash manages to pass Nem. Dash isn't bad. I haven't had good luck with it, but plenty have. I could see it happening. But Nem is very strong. Smart folks are hoarding it because it has a bright future since it's actually being used for something important right now other than being a very fast currency that scales to the moon.

I see Eth continuing to rise, and honestly, I see the thing that the attackers have kept at bay finally happening. I see Eth passing BTC. What I don't see is BTC immediately falling. I see it chasing Eth. I see BTC holding a "grand old master" role and never going away now. I'm not seeing a "swappening" happening. I'm simply seeing Eth passing Bitcoin with little drama, Bitcoin maybe taking a little dip, but I don't see this massive change-over where Bitcoin is left at zero and Satoshi starts crying in the Lifetime Movies adaptation starring Tom Cruise. 

I see coins that people don't trust anymore getting cannibalized. I leave it up to your imagination to guess which ones I'm thinking of. Just, you can look at the chart and see what coins recover in a recovery. One where the entire market is growing. You can see what people trust. And trust is the name of this game. 

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