The Difference A Day Makes, Your Pattern

This is going to be a whole bunch of crap at once because I'm busy as hell today.

So to recap, yesterday looked like this most of the day for me:

(note: sepia tone now since it's the past)

Yesterday though? Understand this was a day two for these bags. I get worried if I still have more than half my positions after a day. So today was a huge relief. 4 is nothing. And I never worry about an Eth or Doge bag. I know they'll sell. The Doge, probably today. it's trending that way. The Gnt I don't know as well as the other two, so I'll naturally worry about it more. That's how fear works. On ignorance. 

A friend made an observation:

"You are screwing yourself on profit not immediately taking new positions in coins"

Kinda. It's more like, I'm intentionally pausing when I can to show progress here. I want people to SEE my successes. So they can duplicate them. That, and it's completely viable to simply wait for the market to take the shape you want. 

Ruins your day. Unless....

You have nothing but Bitcoin. Because you waited a day for this to happen. If you waited for all your positions to close and you are ready with your big pile of Bitcoin, WHILE Bitcoin is rising, this is 40 percent. Yup. Easy. If you are careful. You can turn whatever you invest into 40 percent more. That's 13 coins that will all likely pay. And you know they will. 

This is my favorite pattern. I make the most money when the market looks like hell, and I have no money in it yet. It's like picking through a world destroyed by a comet strike, and finding the valuable things. I'm good at that.

You'll find the moments you make the most money. They will be different for everyone. You'll just notice something that repeats itself and you'll "get it" a few times, then it becomes canon. And if something keeps working, keep doing it until it stops working. I'm kinda loudly hinting at something.

I think this is about to happen again. I think I may have found the new pattern. Which is great because it was really hurting my profit potential losing it. If I'm right and Bitcoin starts trashing the market today/tomorrow, I'll hopefully have the new pattern with tells. And I'll share it. If I'm wrong, it will be like, the 15th time. It's like literally trying to find a gold mine.  

For now I'm doing 75/25. I'm keeping 75 percent of my bitcoin out of the market, and playing with 25 percent. Until the lifeguard yells and we have to get out of the pool. And Bitcoin starts a wild ride again. And if that prompts you to join me, well, I appreciate your enthusiasm but again, 15 times now. Factor that in.

The point is there are patterns everywhere. And they don't mean anything unless they repeat in predictable patterns that can be explained. Here's a good example:

For days now Eth has stubbornly locked to wanting to be 10 percent of the USD value of Bitcoin. Check. It's downright spooky. BTC goes 2370, Eth goes 237. BTC drops to 2250, Eth goes 224. Over and over again. I spent HOURS trying to figure out the underlying cause(s). Why? Because if you can figure something like that out, you can make money using it.

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