The Whole Process (or what was supposed to be)

The first thing I do is head to to get a feel for what the market is doing. I haven't looked all day. This is a first glance:
So wow, Bitcoin is on a tear again. That means I'm waiting. Because I'm sitting on huge piles of Bitcoin because I got busy and didn't get my sells up this morning. What I'm waiting for is Bitcoin to start having slow transaction times. That causes it to dip 4-5 percent. Then I'll see if it keeps rising. Because the last time? Everything went red at that moment. I'm going to exercise caution and just wait a little bit. See what happens with the market. This is hard FOMO. Because I see things rising I like. But I also see what could quickly turn into a death trap.

I promise to continue the full process at a later date. Probably in a few hours. Just look for those things in order:

1) Bitcoin transaction times slow. People are wired to sell when that happens. So it tumbles a little. And short plays are there for folks to grab them at the bottom of the cup that forms. Do that. The cup sticks out like a sore thumb.

2) Like I said, the last time? Bitcoin then rose like a rocket. Everybody bailed on their alt positions to get into a rising Bitcoin. (which is almost silly when you consider how much it's rising. It's not a huge profit). But profit is profit. And a slowly rising balloon is better than a sinking ship.

3) Bitcoin crashed hard. I don't see this happening this time. There simply needed to be an adjustment last time. This time what's more realistic is that Bitcoin is hunting a new ceiling. I mean, it fits. The upside is it gives ALL the potential alts a bigger run up. Which means ages and ages more profit for all of us.  : )

This is a holiday for alts. You just don't know it yet. 

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