What Are You Doing When The Crypto Market Is Fucked?

There are other markets... I like Xe a lot.

I also like these folks:

CBOT rocks for metals

So does Dubai Gold

Simply put, if Crypto is suffering, metals or fiats are doing fine. So you play them against each other.

Understand, the intended purpose of this site is teaching Crypto. I haven't drifted into fiats and metals because the rules are different, and the trading is typically longer. It just wasn't in the scope. 

I *might* expand the site if the Crypto market attacks don't stop soon, but I'm not really seeing that. I'm still seeing Crypto being the rising star. It's simply reality. More people find it every day. And no amount of negative press, or manufactured death stories, or rumors, or other unethical bullshit more suited for a DNC campaign than a market forecast will make a damn bit of difference.

You can't fight the future. You'll just look like an angry old man.

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