What Should Be Happening: Red Blindness

Ethereum should be merrily rocketing its way over 300 on it's way to 400 right now.


That's the dream. This isn't some "bank" rumor from some trollbox. This isn't some twisted truth about something real that isn't a big deal. This is a HUGE deal. 

So why isn't Eth, and in general the entire market exploding?

No idea. But I don't see how it won't. Keep a very close eye on that sea of red today. The problem with that sea of red is you get "red blindness". You stop paying attention. You zone it out. So you don't notice when a -13 suddenly becomes a minus 3. You won't catch the market starting to recover right away.

The folks that do? Those folks make a lot more money.

Today could be retribution for folks that lost a lot the past week. You could make any losses back very quickly if you just keep your eyes open.

I'm not expecting just Eth to rise.

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