Why I Don't Stress Or Worry

This is the last day of the market cap for the entire crypto market. All of it.

You'll notice it lost 5B in A DAY! OMFG!


Here's a week

Looking at 7 days, it has been all over the damn place but it's looking right now like it's setting to pick up where it left off 7 days ago. Trending upwards. Well hell, when you look at it that way it's not so bad. Right? I mean, good thing life lasts longer than a week for humans huh.

Here's a month:
Well I'll be damned. It's showing a macro pattern of overall growth! LOOK AT THAT! That's nearly doubling in a month. The WHOLE MARKET. Do you have any idea how fucking thrilled the NASDAQ or Forex would be to see this happen?

Are you beginning to understand why people are flooding to crypto?

You can wait. You can simply be patient and wait and typically get your money back. Even if you pick something terrible, or you buy on the worst peak. I've done it. It is going to happen. But this is why it's better to just ignore a bag. If something doesn't sell, it will. All I have to do is ignore it long enough.

Think of the bags I've shown you. The longest so far was an XMR bag that sold 13 days later. Oh the horror. I waited 13 days for 15 percent return on my investment. That's why you should always wait.

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