Working With What The Idiots Gave Us: Paradise

So, the idiots have been attacking Eth.

Every single time Eth has been getting close to matching BTC's daily volume, it has been attacked. Someone clueful finally noticed. These morons are screwing the entire market by trying to take out Ethereum. 

The result? 

Well, they screwed the entire market. Some. I mean, you don't just hurt a 100 billion dollar anything. You might make it a 95 billion dollar something. That's what happened. 

Whether it was the unethical Ripple folks that have had no problems DDosing this site when they don't like what I say...

Or the Litecoin folks that are finally getting their day that think Litecoin has some manifest destiny to ride shotgun beside BTC...

Or even the ETC folks that... nevermind. ETC doesn't even have a core group of developers anymore. ETC doesn't matter at all. I lost my mind for a second there...

Or simply the most logical explanation. The Bitcoin folks. That rightly are scared shitless about the fact that Eth is better than BTC in every measurable way, and will pass it.

The point is, you can't stop the inevitable. You can delay it, but you'll just piss people off and hurt yourself.

They've done both

DONE? Are you done fucking all of us you god damn morons?



God I love Crypto. Shit happens in this market that simply does not happen anywhere.

It's so incredibly American.

You had these guys standing in a line with flintlocks, because it was proper. Waiting to be shot because it was proper. Getting picked off by farmers hiding behind trees. Those farmers hiding behind trees? That's Cryptocurrency.

They artificially suppressed an entire market. No kidding. They got caught. What is going to happen to a market being artificially pushed down? When they could barely apply 10 percent pressure?

I'll tell you. It's going to bounce. And it's going to bounce hard. People are pissed. Pissed off people with money do things.

Anger gets shit done

Look for anger to make records the next few weeks.

Make a pile of money on it like I will.

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