So, after years of research, I've decided I'm quitting Crypto. But I got this hot tip about Jita Coin. Now, I have some of it. I simply have lots of friends because I've been playing this game for a LONG time. So I got part of the pre-mine. And I can SHARE it with you. I know it's going to hit the charts at around 18th place, and that since there will only be about 80,000,000 of them, that it will start around 4 bucks a piece or more. So I'll probably sell the 5k I was given for a buck or two a piece. And I'll have no problem selling them. Right? I mean, I'm going to let my close friends have first dibs, but then I'll probably ask if anybody here wants any for 3 bucks a piece. It's easy money. I'm just done with Crypto. That's all. I want to be remembered as the guy that left Crypto and made a bunch of people rich out the door. 

A Hero.

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Now, right now 4 things are happening with my readers.
Some of them are emailing me because they didn't even make it past the first paragraph, oh my fucking god they want in already. 

Some people got the whole way down to the patriotic image and are about to hit me up on twitter or G+ or text or even email asking me if THEY are one of the close friends that get it for two bucks.

And some know I'm an online troll at times and are suspicious so they are about to ask me if I'm screwing around.

And some have played Eve Online and know a classic Jita money-doubling scam when they see one.

: )

For fun, I showed the text of three different coin ICO's to friends that play Eve Online. Every single one:

"This isn't real is it? That's just a Jita scam right?".

There's a very good reason I avoid most ICO's. If you've played Eve Online for any long length of time say, over a year, you KNOW a scam when you see one. I think playing Eve Online should be mandatory for anybody trading crypto. 

While everybody else got taken today hard by the seeming 5000 coin ICO's happening, and raped by pump and dump schemes, no different than a Jita Money-Doubling Scam, I put some money into Nem at 10 cents. And made 30 percent easy.

Because I looked at the chart.

Saw it making a floor. 

Knew it would rise.

Because I saw buy support.

Real buy support.

Love you!

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