The Numbers That Matter In Our Reality

I'm still making a lot of money. Lots of other folks are not. So, I'm going to explain how I'm doing that. It's not easy or obvious, and it took me a while to figure out how to explain this. I have it now. We'll do it with subtle modifications on that single image above.
That's the overall market cap. Know what it is. Every day. Know when it's lower. Protip: when the entire market is red, it's probably lower. KEEP VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS NUMBER. Right now it's how we know if the morons are DDoSing the Ethereum network again with 0 bid contracts. See, the idiots want to you think it's a bubble. This despite the fact that they can't manage to kill what would have already died under a DDoS attack if it was a bubble. 

Here's how fucking ridiculous the bubble argument is:

They've done shit to our market that would have destroyed the NASDAQ. Imagine a coordinated attack on Apple? Or Google? We don't have to imagine. We know the attacks on the crypto market would have destroyed any other market by now. That's how strong our market is. And the people that matter know. 

That's why these pointless and expensive attacks on Crypto from morons don't really hurt it.  Instead they give us a bunch of artificially cheap coins already doing important things that matter. 

So, a fake market drop... Imagine always knowing when a fighter is going to throw a fight, and you can bet on that?

I will feel BAD FOR YOU if I have to spell this out. Shit, you can LOOK AT THE ETH CHART. Of COURSE it's going back up over 300. Probably tomorrow. So of COURSE I'm about to drop 50 bitcoin into Eth. Again. And make a huge pile of money. Again. I mean, we've only seen the pattern how many times now? You can go SEE the 0 value contracts making up some percentage of overall network traffic, artificially removing value.

Why not just let them to do it, and take their money? I figure I have about 10 grand from the Winklevoss twins by now. Thanks guys. And Mark Rubio or whatever? The fucking moron that doesn't know anything crypto and talks shit about it? I can't remember his actual name. I have to google it. It's because it doesn't matter. 


Here are other numbers that matter:

Here's Ethereum kicking Bitcoin's ass at ACTUALLY BEING USED.

You'll notice this has happened EVERY DAY for a while now.

And I'll tell you what this really means. And it's going to sting for douchebags that don't like reality, and think they can change it, or fight the future.

Eth won.

It is now used more daily than Bitcoin. While being under nearly constant DDOS Attack. While all the assholes in the Bitcoin Media try to downplay it. People are simply using it more, and trusting it more already.

Eth already won.

It's over.

Now, you should probably get some while it's still cheap.

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