How "Numberitis" Affects Coin Value

I make some stunningly accurate and bold predictions at times. That's why I've garnered myself a huge following. Plus I'm hot and I smell good and I'm oh so very humble.   *cough*

Numberitis sounds like bullshit at first, but it's a really simple thing to explain at the easiest level:

Before something can happen that is likely to happen, enough people have to believe it is possible. They have to SEE it is possible.

Now, that's your freebie. It's one of those "patterns" I keep talking about. All a pattern is, is the result of a complex action finishing that you don't understand. It's like the collisions in particle accelerators they use to determine particles exist that they'll never be able to touch or taste or feel. 

Same thing. With this pattern, the "Until they see it" pattern, you can make a lot of money. So let's apply this pattern to that market up there. Here are the things that are possible because of it.

1) Any coin that is predisposed to potentially doing well after a "bad spot" or "red day" first, can recover a CERTAIN AMOUNT before people get scared. That amount is based on what they've seen other coins do.

2) Because our ENTIRE MARKET is rising so damn fast, setting new All Time Highs every single day, and we have Eth easily sucking up 34 BILLION DOLLARS worth of interest now (and making me a lot of money) that means any OTHER trusted coin, like, the kind that ALWAYS recover first after a "red day", could ALSO have a cap like that. Yes. It means that. Eth shows everyone else what is possible from an alt as our most successful one. 

3) That's the end of the freebie. I've been very vocal about how you identify the coins that perform very well after a market misstep. You should know them by now, and you should know how to spot them by now. Open your eyes and make that money.
I will.

Love you,

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