I Just Heard A Very Neat Story

The Tale Of Two Coins

So, it goes like this. See NEO up there? Yeah. That's fucking Antshares. They rebranded. And then they put a FLEET of new miners on it. And that generated interested. And they kept adding more and more, and that got other people mining it, and that created perceived value...

(now, go back in time to about a month ago when I was totally fucking wrong about what would happen with Bitcoin Express)

First of all, I was not alone. The coin did EVERYTHING wrong. All the things you do not do. And it was most definitely following Eth Classic right off the top ten for weeks. But then....

My harshest criticism of the coin was the ONE VERY EASY INDICATOR. Is it being mined? And you could tell that just looking at the circulation counts between it and Bitcoin. And you could see that Bitcoin was being mined more. It took a WHILE for the difficulty to drop on Bitcoin Express, but when it did...

Suddenly a whole lot of miners decided to jump on Bitcoin Express out of the blue, and that drove up the coin count, then suddenly it looked viable, then a LOT of miners switched. 

 And quite frankly, that was brilliant. I did not see that coming.


Now, what that means for us? Simple:

Hold both. : )

Yup. No, no grand lesson.

Just buy a little of both of them. I'm sure one is always going to be doing well. It's a great hedge.

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