THIS pattern....

I'll be honest. This market has me frustrated. It's because there are certain coins that do things that go against their own indicators. If you do a lot of trading in the top ten you know exactly what coins I'm talking about. If you do it "right" and analyze performance, and look for dips, and coins building floors, etc. So I ignore those coins typically. And I get to watch them go up and down like a seesaw creating winners and bagholders seemingly at random because since they move against their own indicators, it's more like a dice roll than a sound investment choice. 


Using my "how is the trade volume actually doing?" thing works. Again, if you compare the trade volume to prior performance of the coin itself. If you see a steep spike before bed, that's akin to seeing strong buy support when you are about to make a buy because the Bollinger bands are tightening. 


So what I've been doing is this:

When I see the highly manipulated coins go red... I know the market is doing well. The overall market. The whole markets takes a hit when a manipulated coin is being pumped, so typically when the manipulated coins are doing really well, the overall market is doing terrible, or starting to dip a little. So the current pattern could almost be called:

12 hour delay with no morning kindergarten

If the manipulated coins are tanking before bed, and that is happening while the overall market is rising, prepare to play the regular awesome rising market in the morning.

And of course, the opposite of that pattern does pretty much the exact opposite as I keep saying. 

And as much as I hate buying a coin when I can't predict what it's going to do, I have been buying both Ripple and Bitcoin Express when they are rocking before bed and hurting the overall market.

But I mean, look at my Nem guidance. If you payed attention when I mentioned that 25-30 wobble Nem has been doing, you are like me and bought at 25 and are about to sell at 30 again, if it doesn't keep going. I like being able to share stuff like that. 

Oh, and shout out to my homeboy Monero. You are doing good kid. Keep up the good work.

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