Haven't Done This In A While: My Current Picks (mids)

I'm clearly being kinda lazy because of something you didn't see. I just had:

Monero, BCC, and NXT pay (thanks for the NXT tip Chris). I then got back into BCC because it stalled but clearly wasn't done. I waited to make sure. I put it back up for a quick 10 percent, and it's already part way there. 

I'm doing what I call "lazy mids". I'm picking what I know are good performers in an overall market I'm expecting to hit at least 190B this weekend. 

"Where will these coins end up when the overall market grows another 14 billion?"

Also, you'll noticed I've stopped calling BCC by the name Bitcoin Express. I stop picking on coins when they make me money. Just seems fair. 

So, you know if you read me I have ANT/NEO because it's a great hedge against BCC. If BCC fails, it seems to do well.

I have the Aeon simply because it feels due. I believe I have it set to sell at 0.00030.

The ZEC I was expecting to hit about 0.07. It's trending that way. I bought in around 0.06 so I'm hopeful. 

The Xem I'm really treating like a mid. I have it set to sell at 0.00009 on the button, but that has more to do with how the value of BTC changes against USD. So it's a weird "price hedge". It's kinda like "I won't get caught with my pants down!" and it costs me nothing. Then I also have positions in Xem/USD and Xem/USDT you don't see. And it's all the same thing. Xem has a few ways to succeed. I want to win on all of them. The downside to coins that are locked to USD is having to play games at times to maximize profits. The astute will notice I'm also leaving a lot of Xem on the table. I'm playing with about... 1300 of them on HitBTC.

Eth, I just have a high bet in place. I think it's a 0.09 sell. But again, if you look closely you'll notice I'm just sitting on about half of an Eth. 

Doge just shows every indication it's about to do one of its huge pops. I'm expecting it to top 0.000000600.

Siacoin has the potential to be very disruptive, so that's my biggest bet. I have a massive pile of it set to sell at 0.000002800. This is the one I'm not sure of at all, but at the same time, if it happened in the next ten minutes, I'd not be very shocked.

I also have a Digibyte position, but I'm stubbornly going to wait until HitBTC does the right thing and lists it. Then they'll gain my huge pile of it.

Love ya,


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