Afraid To Say Anything

In what has been a stunningly hard to predict market, I'm worried to point this out. Look at the totals for Bitcoin and BCH.

The astute amongst you will notice something.

Total Bitcoin is gaining on BCH again.

Now, that means the bulk of miners have given up on mining BCH and switched back to Bitcoin.

There's a VERY good chance you could see a sharp BCH tumble, even now when it's down, when folks start realizing that. Especially once Bitcoin passes it.

Otherwise, I'm still sick of this 175B waiting game. I'm not sure what the trigger will be that resets the totals and rebalances the 50/50 dominance, but I'm still convinced it's happening, and of course we'll see our 200B market.

I just haven't found a predictable way to determine how long these Sargasso Sea moments will last.

Now, on the bright side this is a great time for good old fashion trading. Just looking at a coin, noticing how it's trending, checking for REAL buy support by looking at the buy and sells and their proportions to each other, then buying on an obvious floor. 

I've had a few great days of regular trading. I missed these. I prefer mids (3-7 day payouts) with bigger margins (20-25 percent) now, but I don't mind a few days of 5-10 percent returns on quick sells. If this current pattern keeps up, I'll start posting Dailies again.

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