Eth Test

So we've been waiting for an Eth Test.

I'll explain.

Bitcoin got it's ass to 100B and has just been hanging out like I said it would.

I also said that the alts would then rise and Bitcoin Dominance would go back to 50/50.... and it should have...

But, the king of the alts (Eth, duh) hasn't passed the Eth Test.

Go back. Look at every single time this pattern happens where Bitcoin charges far ahead, then the alts catch up. There's always a short period, then Eth starts moving first, then the rest of the market breathes a collective sign and the rest of the alts start rising. 

For whatever reason (I do not know) we have not had our Eth Test yet. In this situation, it would be Eth doing a rapid rise to about 400-450. And I've been expecting that. It just keeps not happening.

And I fear that until it does, the rest of the alts will just sit there, and we'll be stuck in this strangely tilted market with near 60 percent Bitcoin Dominance for a while.


It has to happen. We have to get our Eth test. So you can expect it to happen. I see Eth taking off. Because it has nowhere else to go.

Once that happens, the rest of the market will follow shortly.

I wouldn't THINK it will take very long. Less than a week? I want to say that with confidence but honestly, I didn't expect it to take this long. 

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