So, I Heard Something Very Interesting..

Now, I hate rumors. That's why you'll notice I typically deal in facts and shit. Yanno, like a fucking professional and stuff.
I'll make this easy. Obtain like 10 bucks worth of Digibyte.
It's in a low place now, so, in the very least you make 30 percent just on the strength of a VERY strong rumor I'm getting a day early.
Get like 10 bucks worth of Digibyte. Quickly.
What I'm hearing is, potentially worth ten to one. And that would totally make sense with current Digibyte value. Increasing by a factor of ten wouldn't be very impressive against the market. Right?
And right now ten bucks worth of Digibyte might be about 1600 of them. It's nothing. Just get some and hold it. For a few days.
And to put things into perspective, I'm putting literally ten dollars into this.

Love you.

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