Well look at that

This is a shameless I told you so again.

almost back to 50/50 bitcoin dominance. The alts sucked up all that bitcoin that was cannibalized. Now, if you diversify, you made a bundle. More than you lost on Bitcoin. Besides, Bitcoin is just going to rise again lol. This cycle should keep repeating itself. But it's a slow one. 

1) Bitcoin gets a huge lead
2) It keeps that lead for X amount of days
3) We see an Eth test
4) The alts and Bitcoin equalize. 

And this is ideal. Because this is you just seesawing money back and forth between Bitcoin and Alts. 

It used to make sense to dive into Tether(USDT) or out of Bitcoin entirely. I'd dive into metals. But now it's just patiently waiting. I supposed you could still do a Tether dive when the OVERALL market cap starts to fall on a red day. That's your indicator. If Bitcoin is falling, or lots of stuff is red, but the overall market cap is stable, relax. And I'd even go so far as to say that the Bitcoin/Eth crashing pattern has gotten so shallow now, that even the worst bad news isn't doing much anymore. I almost don't bother diving at all if the entire market takes a little tumble. I know it resolves itself in days rather than weeks now. 

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