A Great Whitepaper: Ethos (BQX) Is Something To Get Right Now

Imagine my glee at being told about a coin that isn't in the top 100 (but damn close) yet, but has an outstanding whitepaper that you can read, and a VERY impressive group of folks behind it.

This never happens. Ever.

Ok, I have to come clean. *I* certainly have never been this fucking brilliant at picking coins. And I did not find this one either. I SPEND my SUNDAYS researching coins for hours, and this guy just sees them. Like it's nothing.

I have a coin whisperer.

He points me at coins and asks my opinion. I can disqualify a coin one of 500 different ways in 30 seconds. He is the only person to have ever handed me 3 coins in a row that I could not almost immediately disqualify.

Ethos looks freaking awesome. I bought 120 of them.

I watched it go from rank 105 to 103 while I was typing this.

I'd get some quickly.

No, I wasn't kidding. I really did.

I'm suggesting perhaps you should get some as well.

Love You,


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