Evil Surety

Swagger is... well, it's an earned thing. You Earn it by being right. So yeah, I get to swagger a lot if I deign that actionable. (it gets a song)
perfect song for here: canopy on the planet

I made a call ages ago. That the only coins that would ultimately matter would have technical merit. That would be the deciding factor.

I decided that the goal of any person leveraging this market would then be understanding the outlier culture. That would be bigger than the reality. Because the reality is coins that matter....... matter now. Because they do something.

NEM is the king of doing something. They have a business called LuxTag that is the future of asset management.


Already going to win. Hey, do you know what will consistently win on the Top 20 Crypto market? Something that already won. Two years ago.

So, at any time Nem is down, buying it is a win. Like you just won.


Nem is one of two coins in the top 100 that can actually replace VISA.
(The other is EOS. You should have a bunch of that also)

Just saying.

I have this tendency to be right about things that make money.

It's because I use data.

Love You,


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