Floating Longs: Explained

So here is my HitBTC amalgam of all my trading. I create this for you guys.

Not that the mere act of having an excuse to have to create this construct isn't stupidly fun. I enjoy the HELL out of this hobby.

A hobby that makes money.


Interacting with you folks makes it more interesting and meaningful.

Otherwise I'd just be some boring, older, white, aging guy that likes to play with Ninebot and Segway products while making a massive pile of money on altcoins.


Look at those picks. Notice they are essentially all of them.

Because in a growing market, most coins are good coins.

I just identify clearly the "big movers".

So there they are. You see them.

These are coins with big swings.

Big swings make money.


(and this is very important)

Because of when I bought those coins, and me being able to memorize what I've paid for everything ever... (just write it down if you can't do that)

I know when these piles hit 200 dollars, I can sell half.

And I always sell half.

Or I'd not have floating longs. I'd just be another trader.

What ends up happening with me holding fucking..... everything and selling when some pile that I know was worth 100 bucks when I bought it and is now worth 200 bucks is....

I get maximum value. I get to sell coins on their peaks.

And almost twice a day I'm selling one of those coins.

Making another 100 dollars every single time.

(again, this is just my HitBTC mirror of what I'm doing on 33 exchanges)

So I typically make a clean 200 bucks a day on a bad day. On a good day (every other day) I make a grand.

Again, just on HitBTC. My small version of what I'm doing on 33 exchanges currently.

: )

1) Hold everything you can
2) Buy LOW. It's easy. Look for the fucked coins on red day. Buy them low as shit.
3) Settle on some dollar amount you will remember and use it across the board (Like I clearly am on HitBTC)

The idea is to KNOW at a GLANCE looking at a great tool (like the TabTrader exchange view feature that's the main image in this post) if something has doubled.

And if it has, sell half.


The next part is the hard part. It's easy to tell someone how to maintain a garden of 20 coins, and how to sell them. It's what happens next.


"Nom, I have this fucking huge pile of BTC and Eth now because of that Tron and BQX and Dent advice. What the fuck do I do?!?!?!??"

So, this huge pile of Bitcoin and Eth will start happening.

That's normal. That's called making money by being brilliant.

Do what I do

1) Send half of your Eth and BTC profits to some far away land. Like Coinbase or Jaxx Wallet.

2) Take the other half of both and re-invest them.

Look at your coins.

Your bets.

2 or 3 of them are going to be down hard.

Help them out.

Feed them Bitcoin or Eth (as directed)

Treat it all like you are a gardener and you are pruning.

Not ripping shit out of the ground.

You are taking clippings.

Make friends with the coins. Know them.

They are making you a millionaire, slowly.

Love You,


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