HitBTC Stole Four Thousand Dollars From Me: UPDATED

Here's the thing though, I still can't withdraw the funds.

I can at least work with them now. No, I'm still not back to trusting them just yet. But I'm getting there. This was a new unneeded level of incompetence.

________________OLD STORY BELOW_______________

So, this is a real bummer. I liked HitBTC. But after two weeks, I just have to assume they stole my money. 

It started off simple enough. I sent 10150 Nem to HitBTC's deposit address to put it in my account. It never showed up.

So I opened a ticket.

Then, a WEEK LATER, I get this:

So Marguerite Tessier. I'm assuming at this point that isn't even a real name.

She's letting me know they found my Nem. She's letting me know as soon as they verify the information in my ticket, they'll give it back.


Then a new person named Paola Balzano takes over my ticket apparently.

Then nothing. Then they stole my Nem. It's really that simple. They simply kept my money.

And there's nothing I can do about it really.

So, I'm going to have a hard time continuing to recommend HitBTC to people. 

They just stole 4 grand in Nem from me.

So, let people know. Avoid HitBTC. I'd also avoid MinerGate. They are the same people. 

Happy Monday!

I'll be redoing all the site tutorials and removing HitBTC. It's a shame. It really is. I thought they were a good exchange.

I'd recommend avoiding them.

Love ya,


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