Redone Longs

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Now, one of the basic tenets of long term wealth is what I call the "LONG" (clicky). If you have great longs, you get to have free beer for life. You get a nice house on nice land and nice robot slaves to take care of your robot car.

I redid the NomRocket Longs. (hidden on the left side of the website unless you use a desktop browser at max screen, or are smart enough to click on the hamburger icon in the upper left).

See, NomRocket is ad free. I only take donations from people smart enough to figure out that my amazing long's list is also a direct way to thank me for making you say, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I'm real.

If I was not real, I'd need your money from ads or whatever.

That's why I rarely talk about the longs section. If you made a couple hundred thousand dollars, you would seek out a way to repay me. You would find my longs section, and figure out those are indeed my wallet addresses. You'd just know you could send money there to thank me.

And many have without having to be told.

I get sent money every day. It's humbling.

It's humbling because the right people are winning.

I get emails from Bangladesh. Venezuela. Malaysia.

If I was about being some humanitarian effort and not making money...

I could redo NomRocket as the humanitarian crypto site just with the photos I get sent.

People that have the greatest needs are more focused on finding the best solutions.

Apparently the NomRocket ability to nail the market has value for those seeking the most value from it.

I'll tell you what.

I'm just happy knowing the right people are winning.

That's good enough for me.

I love you all.


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