The Near Future

Lol. I wonder how annoying that will get. Hmmm. Follow me.

That's better. So, in the near future, we can look forward to these broad patterns.

1) The rapid growth pattern with Bitcoin

There's a very good chance because of some news coming on the 28th we could see a massive year end rise in Bitcoin value. I'd expect it to double. That would be the psychologically pleasing amount that would fit. So we'd see it hit about 30-32ish. So, whether or not that happens depends on two things. The news of the new segwit (much faster transaction times) making a dent spreading fast enough, coupled with that provoking the people quietly waiting into action. It would be like a nuke double-flash. First, the people "in the know" would react immediately to the segwit by buying. That would trigger a spike that would make an army of folks waiting patiently to buy in do so.

An instant confidence restore will do that.

2) Long lazy growth

This is the second possibility, but it's not as likely. This is the segwit happening, and nobody noticing. It spiking some. And it just naturally starting to grow and just not stopping because of the additional transaction headroom.

I don't think people understand that.

"What causes Bitcoin to tumble?"

Bitcoin tumbles primarily when transaction times get very very slow. I've been waiting TWO DAYS for a transaction right now. I'm wishing I had used Eth instead at the moment. That remorse is something people react to.

Either way, we'd see this golden mecha of trading months where Bitcoin lazily climbs to about 30-32k. Based on where the next transaction logjam should start.

: )

Neat Eh? Should be at about 30-32k when it starts slowing down again after Segwit. It's awesome knowing things like that ahead of time.

WE WANT this one if possible. It's just everything making money for a while. We just had some of that. It was like summer vacation trading heaven. I want more damnit.

Either way, these are the two patterns we'll have most of the time moving forward. There's also the weird pattern we have now...

3) Low Bitcoin Dominance

This pattern just kinda can suck, but you can also make a lot of money reacting quickly. Give up planning. Just react to things quickly and you do ok. But it's stressful. It means some group of assholes got enough holders of a coin together to take a run at bitcoin. Literally. This is the ONLY thing that creates this pattern. This time it happened accidentally with BCH. But the big holders took full advantage of it with massive pump and dump schemes. It was kinda epic. I made a lot of money. A lot of people lost a lot of money.

So there are ways to make money during one of these periods. They are just typically, I dunno, unsavory. I much rather prefer good clean trading, or just watching my Bitcoin shoot up in value. 



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